Welcome to MASSLINE.INFO, a site devoted to the mass line and having a mass perspective. The mass line is the primary Marxist method of revolutionary leadership of the people, or the “masses”. Having a mass perspective means recognizing that the masses are themselves the only force which can revolutionize society, and that the masses have to discover these revolutionary goals primarily through their own experience in struggle and through contact with revolutionary ideas from communists in the course of such struggles. For a short elaboration on these definitions, see the one-page summary (the first item listed below).

      Below we have a variety of materials available on the mass line and related issues, coming from a variety of sources. They range from one page summaries of the ideas, to essays, pamphlets, a debate on the topic, and even one long book. We also have a sister site, MASSLINE.ORG which has a lot of material on Marxist-Leninist-Maoist politics, philosophy and political economy, most of which is itself not directly related to the theory of the mass line and having a mass perspective.

      If you have any comments on, or criticisms of, this web site, or of any materials posted here, or if you wish to suggest additional items that should perhaps be added here, please contact us at: webmaster@massline.info

Materials on the mass line and on having a mass perspective

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