The Mass Line in the Philippines

The Communist Party of the Philippines was reestablished as a revolutionary party on December 26, 1968 (Mao’s birthday), under the leadership of Jose Maria Sison. About three months later it founded the New People’s Army and launched a people’s war. Under many different conditions, including a long period of martial law, the CPP and NPA have continued the revolutionary struggle. And today they are among the most solidly established revolutionary forces in the world.

I believe that the CPP has tried to apply Mao’s mass line method of leadership in its revolutionary work. However there are only two documents by the CPP which I have so far been able to locate which talk specifically about the mass line and related matters. I strongly suspect that there are many more CPP documents and articles that discuss the mass line, and when I locate them I will post them here.

—Scott H.

Articles about the mass line in the Philippines

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