The Kasama Project and Website and the Mass Line

The Kasama Project is a small and relatively new U.S. revolutionary group centered around the Kasama website. Mike Ely and friends started the Kasama website (now at in December 2007, and soon developed a regular readership. An initial posting on Kasama, and still its central and most important document, was Mike Ely’s “9 Letters to Our Comrades”, a fairly extensive critique of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Many of the core people associated with the Kasama site are folks who were earlier in or around the RCP. In April 2008 the core group formed a communist organization called the Kasama Project.

Materials on Kasama’s position on the mass line and related topics

  • “9 Letters to Our Comrades: Letter 3: Forays, Wrong Turns and Blaming the People”, by Mike Ely (December 2007). This is part of the criticism of the RCP, and includes a very short section entitled “On the Mass Line”.

  • “Prologue to the Mass Line” — A letter from Scott H. to Mike Ely about a planned discussion of the mass line on Kasama, Dec. 21, 2009, 7 pages.   PDF Version [191 KB];   MS Word Version [53 KB]

  • “Focoism vs. People’s War: Problems of Exaggerated Universalism”, by Mike Ely, Oct. 14, 2009. An article from the Kasama website which includes a criticism of Che Guevarra’s “focoist” revolutionary strategy for failing to have a truly mass perspective and use the mass line.   PDF Version [214 KB];   MS Word Version [61 KB]

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